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Monday, December 11, 2006


I know it's been awhile but I just had to share. I got into Rutgers Law School! YAAAAAAY!
I used my original personal statement and I got in. I've been celebrating since I found out earlier today! Well I'm off...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Survey says!

So, something I didn't know now that we're moving ahead in the homebuying process. We have to pay for a survey of the land we're buying. Basically, it's just a map of our actual property lines. The cost is $525 not including stakes (which we discovered we don't need because all they do is rot and disintergrate and we're not moving to the country on acres of land so we'll need this info).

Ahh, we'll see...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My PS needs help

So I finished what I think is gonna be my new personal statement for Seton Hall. Now, I just need someone to read it over and tell me what they think. I've asked for readers over on and have received 2 responses so far. I guess when they finish reading it they'll tell me what they think...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Personal Statement

Ok, I've got a good start. Today I did a rough draft of what will be my new personal statement for law school. The challenge is to include some of my original reasons for becoming a lawyer with some additional information that has changed since my last application. I can't just let my higher LSAT score be the only focus point, this is really my only chance to sell myself and now I'm running across the problem of the fact that I may not finish in an ideal time. I really hoped to finish this weekend but that's out of the question. I know they start reviewing applications during early-mid novemeber which means right about now I need to have all my stuff in.

Sigh, I really want to go to this school and am not sure how I would handle another rejection but I'm determined. Back to work...

A committment of sorts!

Good news! I received the committment letter on friday. Sort of. It has a couple of contingencies, one being the explanation about past due accounts, one of which was late car payments that s.o cosigned for someone else back in the day. He kept that a secret from me until it was too late, now we're paying for it. When will people learn, NEVER CO-SIGN FOR ANYONE! NEVER! All it does is effect your credit in a negative way. NOTHING good ever comes from it. sheesh!

Another thing we have to explain is the $6,000 that was deposited into our account, I guess they wanna make sure all the funds are legitimate. S.O. has to find the check stub for that one, so we'll see how that goes...

Well I'm off to start my ps for Seton Hall, I said I was gonna do that all weekend long now I have no weekend left...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's Been a while

I know it's been awhile but I've been going through a lot over here.
First-Good News, the mortgage person is sending out the committment letter (it hasn't arrived yet though which is a bit distressing). Also, it has a couple of contingencies one being an outstanding newport news bill which wasn't mine in the first place but now it's unclear as to whether or not I'll have to pay it off since it's in collection ($3,000! that I don't have).

Next-I sent out my application to Rutgers and tomorrow I'll work on my new ps for Seton Hall and hopefully send that out, then I play the waiting game.

So right now I'm riding on a big ball of stress, just anticipating these next two months and what they will bring...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A little resolution

Yesterday my mortgage person received the second application packet that I sent out. She calls today to let me know she just received the first one! The one that was sent to the post office! GRRR! S.o. says "oh I knew you was being premature, I knew it'd get there" HELLO! Your the reason it was delayed in the first place. AARGH!
More good news though, the mortgage rate went down so now we have an even better rate 5.625% Oh YEAH!

In addition, I sent off my application to Rutger's Law School on Tuesday and I got confirmation back that they received it but don't start looking at applications til mid November. So all I have left to do is create another personal statement then re-apply to Seton Hall for the '07 term and we'll see how that goes.

On to things that stink:
While dropping off my child at school I parked in front of the school (a big no no that everyone does) I just ran in and ran right out, that's ok right. WRONG! I come back out and see the cop taking down my license plate, he then issues me a ticket in the amount of $54! A hurtful lesson I've learned and I deserve it but I'm still mad. Shoo.

Back to mortgage news:
Apparently once they get the appraisal done and the processor verifies our employment and goes through our paperwork we should get the mortgage committment letter. I hope it doesn't take too long since it was due today.
The highlight is that when she ran our info through the computer program online they approved us and usually that's indicative of a final approval but we'll see...

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ok so I need to get my mortgage committment letter by November 2, 2006 inorder for the closing to go through. No problem, my mortgage person tells me as soon as she gets the paperwork she can put it through underwriting and get the letter. We sent her the information she asked for in a overnight UPS envelope she provided (or so I thought).
I was about to tell s.o where there was a UPS drop box when he cuts me off saying he knows. He didn't! He dropped it off at the post office! Apparently he didn't realize you couldn't drop off UPS (or FedEx or DHL) packages at the post office, he thought it was all the same thing. NO! It's the competition! So now our package is lost in mail space, nevermind the amount of time it took me to collect all that information. I have to do it all over again, void the check and re-issue another one, and mail it back with the application. Only problem is that I won't be getting the application til Monday. Then i'll need to send it off, which means it won't get there til Wednesday, leaving the mortgage person with just one day to go over the information and issue the letter (that's IF we have everything in order and since s.o has refused to get anymore check stubs the likelihood of that is slim to none)!

I'm so mad, his response is "Oh what's the worse that'll happen, we won't get the house, that's not so bad". Well why the f! am I even bothering if you don't care whether or not we get the house, he makes me so mad sometimes, I just wanna...